Customised Teaching To Maximise Learning At Every Age Group
To maximise your child’s growth, Willow Nursery has a different approach designed specifically for each stage of early development.

Read below to see how at each stage, your child will receive personalised teaching, developing the optimal skills for their current age.

Early Learning At Its Best

We have two dedicated baby units that cater for babies from 3 to 12 months. These beautiful, tranquil rooms are located in our main building for additional safety. Our devoted staff are the highest-qualified UK midwives and early childhood specialists who provide only the very best care and developmental skills needed for your baby.

  • Specialists in early childhood care
  • Safe, homely & nurturing environment for babies
  • Daily reports & photos to keep you updated on your child
  • Natural materials & calm colours for a peaceful setting
Building Character

We provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow and develop. Treating children as individuals and embracing them in a loving environment, cultivates a child who is happy, confident and insightful.

We constantly strive to develop new and innovative ideas, and during these early years, our aim is to inspire an excitement for life, discovery and a curiosity to explore the newness of everything around them.

  • Child-sized settings for toddlers learning crawl & walk
  • Learn to interact with other toddlers
  • Games & role playing to develop verbal skills
  • Strong core values to model sharing & caring
Growing In Confidence

Young children learn through experiences, imitation and by being actively involved in the world around them. Our exciting play-based curriculum encourages children to express and build meaning through these experiences.

In these early years we ensure that a child’s natural sense of awe and wonder is nurtured through art, movement, story and language.

  • Visual & modelling games to develop tactile skills
  • Discovery learning to build self esteem & self reliance
  • Empathetic & sensitive teaching to support growth
  • Social interactions to build emotional intelligence
Becoming School-Ready

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers help make the transition from nursery to school as natural as possible. We encourage the social, cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

Our dedicated staff really take the time to get to know your child as an individual, whilst encouraging a natural love of learning. Our play-based curriculum encourages children to express and build meaning through their experiences, preparing them for school and giving them the best start in life.

  • Start to learn math, reading, & writing in an engaging way
  • Learn problem solving & how to work with others
  • Role-playing to develop empathy & emotional skill
  • Imaginative play to encourage creativity & love of learning
Ensure a Successful School Transition

The huge change of going to school can be overwhelming for children. Ensure a calm transition by allowing your child to stay in nursery for a year while learning school curriculum.

Children will benefit from a familiar environment and teachers who know them.

They'll make steady progress with small class sizes and personalised attention, and be fully ready for school when they leave.

  • A headstart in literacy & numeracy
  • Develop a growth mindset & emotional resilience
  • Gain good learning habits & a positive self image
  • Develop skills for cooperation & leadership
We learn how they learn

Young children learn through experiences, imitation and by being actively involved in the fascinating world around them. At Willow Children’s Nursery, a child’s natural sense of awe and wonder is nurtured through art, movement, story and language.

Our play-based constructive curriculum encourages children to express and build meaning through their experiences. We’re dedicated to developing the social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each child.

Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers really take the time to get to know you and your child. Plus, our practitioners continually update their professional qualifications to ensure they always provide the ‘Best Practice’ for your child.

Our engaging curriculum

We follow the curriculum guidelines set by the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as Birth to Three Matters. We are committed to ensuring that we comply with the learning and development goals set out through EYFS nursery planning.

We have a responsibility to ensure positive attitudes to diversity and difference while helping children overcome any barriers that may exist. All our children are given the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable programme of learning and development.

There are seven areas covered by the early learning goals and educational programmes which are split into three prime areas and four specific areas.

Parent communication on-the-go

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your child’s day is really like, from the activities your child has engaged in, to what food they have eaten, when they slept and even how many times they went to the toilet. The Educore app sends out daily reports to parents containing around six photos a day of their child participating in the activities we have planned. The teachers do observations every two weeks and these are also shared on the app. Parents can send teachers messages and teachers can reply back.

Observations and photos from Educore are used to put together a learning journal of the child's time at the nursery. Messages are sent out for upcoming events at the nursery or when something important has to be communicated to the parent. Parents are alerted by receiving notifications on their phones.

Nurse and on-site clinic The nurse visits each room daily and will be available to discuss and review any issues pertaining to sick or unwell children, as well as any accidents/injuries sustained in the previous 24 hours. In addition, the nurse plays an integral role, in partnership with the practitioners, to ensure your child comes to nursery in good health, and that during the day and at pick-up times, remains healthy and safe.

The primary role of the Nursery Nurse and clinic:

  • + To provide emergency or first aid care to sick or injured children by the Nurse.
  • + Administer nursing care appropriate to the identified needs of the children.
  • + To assist the doctor in conducting medical examinations for all children.
  • + Inform parents of any illness outbreaks at the Nursery,
  • + Implement health and safety policies throughout the Nursery.
  • + Maintain medical information for all children.
  • + Maintain and submit required records and reports as required by the Ministry of Health.

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