Sparking Creativity With Natural Environments
At Willow, we maximise children’s development with natural, safe environments which they can explore and interact with.

Children’s minds develop faster when exploring new things. By allowing every child to play as they want, we help them develop the unique abilities that set them apart in the world, ensuring their success later in life.

Natural Environments for free play & exploration
Our specifically crafted environments allow every child the freedom to develop their unique abilities and maximise their potential. Through play-based learning children grow into the best version of themselves. The following features are found in most Redwood Nurseries
Our classrooms

Our child-directed classrooms were specifically crafted for children to explore their own individuality and creativity. This is what sets them apart later in life.

Playing Fields

Willow playing fields are designed to provide every child with sensory play through the tactile engagement of the senses and cosy spaces to rest.

Play areas

To cultivate creativity and free thinking, our unique playgrounds use elements found in nature for children to use to create imaginative play.

Performing arts

From spectacular shows to theatre plays, we provide children with an opportunity to immerse themselves in art, finding new ways to express their feelings.

Gym & sports

Physical exercise is a foundational pillar of your child’s well being. We organise different sports activities that enrich their lives, increasing feelings of satisfaction & fulfillment.

Music Room

To fully engage children’s minds, we use music to create fun and exciting moments. This freedom to explore new senses unleashes creativity and free thinking.

Art Room

To increase empathy and other vital social skills. our art room gives you child a unique experience of self-exploration, accelerating their development and learning.


Willow children love to learn. Our library provides a full range of opportunities for young minds to push the boundaries of their knowledge and thus, get ahead in life.

Media Centre

Children are often over-stimulated by fast paced media. At Willow, we encourage your child to engage with media in a more balanced way, as a supplement to physical learning.

Children Thrive In Places Where They Can Safely Explore And Discover
Beyond All Safety Protocols
Onsite Lead Nurse Available Every Day
To ensure the safety and well-being of our children, we make sure to have a qualified lead nurse at all times ready to act in case of accidents or emergencies.
Willow children feel safe to explore the boundaries of their minds, throwing themselves head first into the new opportunities their environment presents. This freedom to discover and seek novelty, supported by all our safety protocols, allows for rapid development and cultivates creativity & free thinking.
Two young girls reading a book in a classroom.
Increasing Brain Development
Healthy Food For Optimised Learning
Our specifically designed meal plans support brain development and optimised learning.
At Willow Children's Nursery, we take a holistic and scientific approach to early learning, and in the kitchen this is equally important.

Our children learn the importance of healthy foods and leave the nursery with a sense of excitement about having a nutritious and balanced diet in their lives.

A heart shaped bowl of vegetables on a white background.
Life After Nursery
Find Placement In The World’s Best Schools
Our holistic approach to early education ensures children get ahead in life, often reading and doing math as they’re ready to enter school.
This is the biggest reason why Willow children are constantly enrolled in the world’s best schools after nursery. Our unique methodology gives every child the fundamental academic skills and vital social abilities that will set them apart in the world, ensuring their success later in life.
Two young girls sitting on the floor reading a book.
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