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Happy Staff = Happy Child
Our pre-schools have been awarded the prestigious 'Great Place to Work' certificate based on an extensive survey among all our staff! By fostering a supportive and inspiring environment for our staff, we ensure that your child receives the utmost care and nurturing, setting the stage for their happiness, and solid foundation for the future.
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Our Approach

Give Your Child
The Best Start to Life
Our wonderful nurseries provide a complete early-year programme based on the Early Years & Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) and the globally renowned Reggio Emilia approach.
Willow Children's Nursery is committed to providing parents with the very best start for their children. Our passion is to inspire and intrigue children, so we constantly strive to develop new and innovative ideas that let their imaginations run free. After all, during these early years, children are excited about life and everything around them is a journey of discovery.

Willow Umm Suqeim, Willow Dubai Marina and Willow One Central nurseries all provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow, develop and truly be themselves. Honoring them as an individual and embracing them in a loving environment cultivates a child who is happy, confident and insightful.

We work closely with a variety of UK-based early-year establishments to ensure that we are always up to date with current requirements and policies.

Our Early-Learning Practitioners
Personalised Care From Experienced Educators
Our staff is made up of highly qualified early-learning practitioners with a passion for education. Willow children receive personalised attention in small sized classrooms so they can feel safe & supported. This is the best environment for growth.

Children require love and affection to flourish. At Willow, your child will have a positive relationship with education, learning faster and exploring freely while building the confidence to grow and take on the world with ease.

  • Fully Qualified & Experienced Team
  • English Speaking Staff
  • Personalised To Your Child’s Needs
  • Daily Reports About Your Child
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Play Spaces To Nurture Creativity
Engage Your Child’s Imagination In Play
A natural environment designed to accelerate children’s development through tactile play.
Child-Directed Spaces That Foster Creativity
Children’s minds develop faster when exploring new things. By allowing every child to play as they want, we help them develop the unique abilities that set them apart in the world, ensuring their success later in life.

Cultivating Vital Social Skills
The first few years of your child’s life are when they develop the social skills that can make or break their future after nursery. Our play spaces encourage children to engage with each other and thus develop the empathy and social intelligence that will make them positive members of society.

Our Locations
We Can Be Found Near Where You Are
Willow nurseries are situated in popular spots in Dubai, with plenty of other facilities close by.
All our facilities have plenty of parking. To accommodate busy working parents, we’re set up to provide flexible pickup and drop-off times for your child.
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Discovery-Led Teaching To
Inspire Imagination & Creativity

Age Groups (45 Days To 6 Years)

Сustomised Teaching To Maximise Learning At Every Age Group
To maximise your child’s growth, Willow Nursery has a different approach designed specifically for each stage of early development. Read below to see how at each stage, your child will receive personalised teaching, developing the optimal skills for their current age.
baby-icon Babies (45 Days - 12 Months)
Early Learning At Its Best
We have two dedicated creches that cater to babies from 3 to 12 months. These beautiful, relaxing rooms are located in our main building for additional safety. Our devoted staff is made up of highly qualified early-learning practitioners who provide only the very best care and developmental skills needed for your baby.
  • Experienced & dedicated staff
  • Daily reports on your child’s progress
  • Natural environments for greater safety & learning
  • Space for babies to explore & learn
A baby is sleeping in a wooden crib.
toddler-icon Toddler (1-2 Years)
Encouraging Curiosity
We provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow and develop. Children who are treated as individuals in a loving environment are happy & confident.

During these early years, our aim is to inspire toddlers with an excitement for life. We use discovery teaching to nurture curiosity in children and build the confidence to explore the world around them.

  • Child-led discovery learning
  • Games to develop coordination
  • Connection to nature & calm environments
  • Socialisation & learning respect for others
Three young girls playing with toys in a room.
preschool-icon Preschool (2-3 Years)
Growing In Confidence
Young children learn through experiences, imitation and by being actively involved in the world around them. Our exciting play-based approach encourages children to express and build meaning through these experiences.

In these early years we ensure that a child’s natural sense of awe and wonder is nurtured through art, movement, story and language.

  • Role playing games to cultivate emotional intelligence
  • Discovery learning to create self-reliance
  • Child-led learning to maximise growth
  • Teaching to suit your child’s specific needs
A little girl is drawing on an easel in a classroom.
foundation-icon Foundation (3-4 years)
Becoming School-Ready
Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers help make the transition from nursery to school as natural as possible. We encourage the social, cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

Our dedicated staff takes the time to get to know your child as an individual, whilst encouraging a natural love of learning. Our play-based approach encourages children to express and build meaning through their experiences, preparing them for school and giving them the best start in life.

  • Reading, writing & math in an engaging environment
  • Role-playing to teach social skills & emotional resilience
  • Self-awareness & self-reliance
  • Child-led learning to promote lifelong love of learning
A little girl is playing with a toy in a classroom.
An icon of a boy with a backpack. Foundation 2 (4-6 Years)
Ensure A Successful School Transition
To ensure a smooth and successful entry into school, we often encourage parents to let their children stay in our nurseries while they start their first year of school.

During this time, your child will receive personalised attention in small class sizes, ensuring their steady progress while developing the social and academic skills that will serve them well later in life.

  • Transition to school in a friendly & supportive place
  • Personalised attention in small class sizes
  • Emotional, social & academic support
  • Give your child time & space to prepare for school
Two children playing with blocks in a classroom.
Teaching To Nurture
Emotionally Strong Children
For Parents
Maximising Early Learning At Home
At Willow, we look at our work as an extension of what parents do at home.
To maximise children’s early learning, we work with parents to successfully settle their child into the nursery and nurture that relationship throughout their time with us.

Parents are always welcome into the nursery and we actively encourage them to be a part of their child’s progress. We want you to be as involved as you want in your child’s growth.

A woman reading a book to a child in a playroom.
Parent Testimonials
Why Parents & Children Love Willow
Early education is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent.
See why hundreds of parents are raving about their children’s stay at Willow.
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