Best Summer Camp

Water World

Allow your children to dive into splashing hands-on fun learning experiences in a creative and nurturing environment, designed to stimulate your children’s imagination and sense of wonder.

Give your them the Best Summer Camp experience through a Reggio Emilia play-based approach to learning and discovering.
4th July to 31st August 2022

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Willow Childrens Nursery - Know our Features

Willow Childrens Nursery is located in a large building that is specifically modified to offer children the benefit of natural light and space. As an Organic Nursery, we provide outdoor play-scapes including a sand area, swimming pool, large shaded lawns, climbing equipment and gardens that encompass a variety of natural textures as well as specifically designed areas that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them. We believe that the outside is an extension of the classroom and as such, our outdoor areas play a significant role in our children’s learning.

We are told time and time again that the nursery evokes a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, which comes naturally - an indication of contented children.

Parents are their children’s first teachers and as such play the most important role in their early development. We respect and welcome all parents and empower them to work alongside us to monitor and be part of their child’s first important stages of Early Years Education.

We believe each and every child is special and our practitioners ensure that every child’s needs are being met through high-quality play that is tailored to them, so that they develop at their own pace, having fun and learning as they play.


Our specially modified building allows plenty of natural light and space as well as stimulating outdoor play-scapes including a sand area, large shaded lawns, climbing equipment and gardens that encompass a variety of natural textures as well as specifically designed areas that stimulate a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.


Willow Childrens Nursery has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Each stage of your child’s development is monitored through ongoing observation and assessment, enabling Practitioners to carefully plan and take into consideration each child’s interests and progress.

Health & Safety

At Willow Childrens Nursery, the safety and security of your children is our top priority

  • We offer a CARD ONLY entry system for parents as well as an intercom visitor system.
  • CCTV cameras at the nursery are present within the building for internal use only. These can be viewed at parent's requests.
  • Our qualified nurse conducts regular safety sweeps. She will identify any dangers she may see in and out of the nursery building and check on children's health.
  • The outside areas are all fenced to ensure that children cannot exit the premises at all. We also have fences to separate the younger children from the bigger children during play times, when chances of rough play could happen.
  • If a parent is unable to collect their child and wishes to send a relative or someone unknown to nursery staff, we must be given the secret password or have proof of rights to collect the child before they will be released.

Things We Use

At Willow Childrens Nursery, we have chosen the very best learning tools made from natural materials. Wood is a wonderful sustainable material that offers the children superior quality of toys so that they can enjoy not only playing with but also being able to explore the sensory experience of touching and smelling wood and other natural materials. Wood is long lasting and has its own anti-bacterial qualities. Wood can be easily repaired and used over and over again and can be recycled. We want to play a part in helping save our planet. As an Organic Nursery (Dubai), we provide your little one with a wholesome outdoors learning nursery experience.

To further help save our precious resources, we have installed a high tech water filtration system that uses Reverse Osmosis to purify our water making it cleaner and safer than most local bottles waters. We also save on our use of plastic water bottles as we can refill from our system up to 50 gallons of fresh clean water each day.

Aromatherapy air purifiers are used throughout the nursery to keep our air clean, fragrant and as virus free as possible. Cleaning products are made in the nursery using Tea Tree oil, Vinegar and various other natural ingredients.

To further help our environment, we recycle snack time waste. This will be made into compost for potting. We also try to use as little paper as we can to help preserve our environment. We do this by implementing paperless planning in everything we do. It is a great way to create exciting and stimulating daily activities to ensure all the children reach their individual learning potential in conjunction with the EYFS.

Children will be encouraged to "recycle" in their daily nursery routines. We will also ask parents to help by sending in "junk" that we can recycle for artwork.

We really want to do play our part in becoming more "Green" and hope to involve our children and parents in helping us achieve this goal.

Our Dedicated Baby Units

At Willow Childrens Nursery, we have two dedicated baby units that cater babies from 3 months to 12 months. Located in the main building for additional safety, we staff these units with only the highest qualified UK midwives and Early Childhood specialists to ensure that we provide only the very best care and developmental skills needed for your baby.

Your baby can safely play, eat, and sleep in a secure yet stimulating environment and you can go about your daily routine knowing that your precious bundle is being cared for just the way you would care for him.

The Baby Willows Staff understand a baby needs and will work closely with you to ensure they are providing everything your child requires throughout their day. You will receive daily charts of activities, eating schedules, toileting, sleeping habits and any other important information that you as the parent would wish to know.

As a UK based nursery, a qualified UK nurse will be on hand every day to ensure health and safety standards are being met.

We have CCTV cameras at our nursery located inside and outside play areas as well as the reception and front entrance gate. Our Nursery Administration Officer or the Director can only access and review these. Parents can request to see the playback of the tape at any time.

Willow Childrens Nursery providing quality care that is "Second to Mum!"



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